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Group module Overview

The Groups module which would facilitate running Inventory reports for viewing Items that are of a certain type.

This function is gives you the ability to classify inventory items into groups.

Related modules:

Inventory module

Getting there

In the navigation menu, select Modules > Group.​

Access level requirement to control this module.

 Basic information required for adding a new group. 

  1. Select a group level from 1 - 4 under the group section

  2. Fill in the field under group name (Max 16 Alphanumerical

  3. Fill in the field under description (Max 50 Alphanumerical

  4. Click on the [Save]  button to complete.

 Notes: Group name & description are used for:

  • POS or Digital ordering label interface 

  • Reports

  • Receipts

  • Kitchen module

Tips: Keep your product description as short as possible to support other modules. You may use this field for

multi-language setup.

Searching for an existing group.

  • The [Search] button enable user to find all group stored in the database .

  • The [Edit] button enable user to edit an existing group information


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