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Category Module Overview

Category is class or division of inventory regarded as having particular shared characteristics. Understanding the types will help you identify it for valuation and management.

Let’s look at them.

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Inventory module

Getting there.

In the navigation menu, select: Modules > Category module.​

Access level requirement to control this module.

 Basic information required for adding a new category 

  1. Fill in the field under category name (Max 16 Alphanumerical

  2. Fill in the field under description (Max 50 Alphanumerical

  3. Click on the [Save] button to complete.

Searching for an existing  category.

  • The [Search] button enable user to find all category stored in the database .

  • The [Edit] button enable user to edit an existing category information

Tips: Keep your product description as short as possible to support other modules. You may use this field for

multi-language setup.

Active status

The active selection change the status of your category result from active(default) to deactivate. When a category is deactivated, it will not be visible in the web or POS interface. 

Printer setting

The printer setting display a range of available printers to assign. A category can be assigned to many printers.

All inventory items follow the category printer settings.

To set a specific inventory item to print  another printer or not print.

Refer to:

Printer  settings


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