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Condiment Group Module Overview​

The condiment group module enable you  to classify condiment items into groups which can be used in modifier section. It would also facilitate running condiment reports for viewing condiment that are of a certain type. Let's look at them.

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Getting there

In the navigation menu, select: Modules > Condiment Group.​

Access level requirement to control this module.

1.0 Adding a new condiment group

  1. Fill in the field under Group short name (Max 24 chars)

  2. Click on the [Save] button to complete.

1.1 Searching for an existing contiment group

  • The [Search] button enable user to find all condiment group stored in the database .

  • The [Edit]  button enable user to edit an existing group name and the condiments that are related to the selected group.

 Notes: Condiment Group name are used for:

  • POS or Digital ordering label interface 

  • Reports

  • Receipts

  • Kitchen module

1.2 Link Condiment 

The link condiment function allow you to assign a condiment into a condiment group.

Linking a condiment to a group

The "Enter condiment name" field allows you to search for a specific type of condiment.

Important note: Each condiment can only be assigned to one condiment group. When a condiment has been assigned to a condiment group, you are unable to assign the same condiment into another condiment group. 

You may add or change the type of condiment that belong to a condiment group

  1. To assign a condiment to the group, check the box beside a condiment.

  2. To remove a condiment, unchecked the box beside a condiment.

  3. Click on the [Update button] to complete.

Tips: Refresh your web ordering interface at any point of time when you have made changes to check its effect. 

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