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Condiment Module Overview​

The  Condiment module allow you to create multiple add-ons relationship to an inventory which can be used in modifier section. It would also facilitate running condiment reports for viewing condiment that are of a certain type. Let's look at them.

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Getting there

In the navigation menu, select: Module > Condiment

Access level requirement to control this module.

1.0 Adding a new condiment













 Basic information required for adding a new inventory item 

  1. Fill in the field under condiment name (Max 24 chars)

  2. Fill in the field under condiment description (Max 50 chars)

  3. Assign the condiment to an existing group (Optional) Refer to Condiment group for more information.

  4. Click on [Save] to complete.

 Notes: Condiment Group name are used for:

  • POS or Digital ordering label interface 

  • Reports

  • Receipts

  • Kitchen module

Tips: Keep your product description as short as possible to support other modules. You may use this field for

multi-language setup.

1.1 Searching for and editing an existing condiment

  1. To being click on [Search] 

  2. Select a search type and enter description. Click on [Apply] to get your search result.

  3. Click [Edit] on the condiment that you want to change and it will redirect you to the main condiment page.

  4. Click [Save] to complete. 

1.2 Interface example




Main product details area. 

Modifiers selection area.

Condiment group "Choice of sauce".

Condiments under group "Choice of sauce".


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