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Modifier Module Overview

The modifier module enable user to change or to alter something related to an inventory item. 

It is an option that either show a list of choices or pops up when working in the menu order screen. Modifiers could either be mandatory or optional. Mandatory modifiers allow you to control the user to pick from a  list of  items on the menu. 

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Getting there

In the navigation menu, select Inventory > Modifier. 

Access level requirement to control this module.

 Basic information required for adding a new modifier 


1. You are allowed to link up to 10 levels of condiment group per inventory item.

  1. Select STEP 1 drop down menu and select Inventory

  2. Select the [Link] button to open up the inventory search function.

  3. Select a search type and enter the description to find your inventory item.

  4.  Tick the inventory item you want to modify and click confirm.

  5. The selected inventory item should now reflect at the row under step 1 description field 

2. Linking a condiment group to your inventory item.

  1. Select level 1 drop down menu and select condiment group.

  2. Select the [Link] button to open up the condiment group search function.

  3. Enter the condiment group name to find the condiment group you want to link.

  4. Tick the condiment group you want  and click confirm.

  5. The selected condiment group under level 1 should now reflect at row under level 1 description field.

3. Set min(Minimum) and max(Maximum) option to either mandatory or optional. 

Max quantity is a required and cannot be set to 0.


Min = More than zero

Max = Quantity  cannot be zero


Min = 0 Must be zero

Max = Quantity cannot be zero


Fish and Chip have a mandatory selection choices of one sauce and can have maximum of 5 optional add-ons 

Step 1: Inventory: Fish and Chips

Lvl 1: Condiment group: Choice of sauce     [Min: 1] [Max:1]

Lvl 2: Condiment group: Choice of add-ons  [Min:0] [Max: 5]

4. Additional level (Optional) and complete.

  1. You may repeat Step 2 for the rest of the level if require. 

  2. Click on the [Save Modifier]  button to complete.

Searching for an existing modifier.

  • The [Search] button enable user to find all modifier stored in the database .

  • The [Edit] button enable user to edit an existing modifier information


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