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Tax Module Overview

Add your own tax rates if your business needs more options than Suntoyo default tax rates. Your tax rates can apply to your inventory item. When you add a tax rate, you'll need to enter a tax name and the tax percentage.

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Getting there.

In the navigation menu, select: Modules > Tax module.​

Access level requirement to control this module.

The tax function allow you create up to 6 levels of tax types.

Basic knowledge before adding a new tax by understanding two different tax type.

1. Tax on tax

Inclusive tax type

2. Add-on

Exclusive tax type

Basic information required for adding a new tax rate.    

  1. Fill in the tax name field under Tax 1 

  2. Fill in the tax percentage field 

  3. If the tax type is exclusive, tick the exclusive checkbox else if inclusive, leave it uncheck.

  4. Select the tax identifier of your tax configuration type.

  5. Click on the [Add Tax]  button to complete.


      Bag        $10.00

    Sub-Total: $10.00

7% GST Inc: $0.65

            Total: $10.00

   Food         $100.00

      Service: $10.00

   Sub-Total: $110.00

    7% GST : $7.70

           Total: $117.70

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