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Price & Labels Overview

Inventory items comes from many different source.You may label different price point for each product if applicable. Let's take a look.

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Getting there.

In the navigation menu, select: Web application> Price labels.​

Access level requirement to control this module.

 Basic information required to create a group of price label  

  1. Fill in the field unde price caption 1-4 (Leave blank if the price level are not in use)

  2. Click on the [Save]  button to complete.

Searching for an existing price caption group.

  • The price caption list enable user to find all existing grouped label stored in the system.

  • The [Edit] button enable user to edit an existing price label group.

Linking a price label group to an inventory item.

  • Step 1 : In the navigation menu, select: Modules > Inventory.​

  • Step 2 : Used the search button to select an inventory item.

  • Step 3 : Under price caption type, select a price label group.

  • Click on the [Save]  button to complete.

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