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Inventory Schedule Module Overview iOrderla 

You can schedule an inventory item availability period on the day and time.

The Menu availability will display according to your settings. Whenever a user access into your web application, the menus are loaded accordingly to the inventory schedule settings and they will not be able to select those inventory item(s) tagged with "Not available" from the menu.

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Getting there.

In the navigation menu, select: Modules > Web application > Inventory Schedule.​

Access level requirement to control this module.

Important things to know before setting inventory item schedule .  

Basic schedule setting

The basic schedule function is the initial setting requirement.

Basic availability time schedule create a base schedule information for the system to process. Without this information, the system cannot find or update an individual inventory schedule. It is very important to follow the steps below if you need to create a basic schedule time availability.


By default, the availability schedule for all inventory items in the system are pre-set to 

Start : 00:00:00

End  : 23:59:59 .

If there is no changes to the default setting, you may skip Step 1 and proceed to Step 2 instead.

Step 1: Setting your prefer basic time schedule

  1. Fill in the Start time and End time for each day.

  2. Click on the [Apply]  button to complete.

Step 2: Setting your preferred time for each inventory item 

  1. Make sure you are at schedule by product tab and the basic schedule is configured.

  2. Click on the [Search]  button to find the inventory item you want to edit

  3. Once you have selected the item set the day and time of availability. 

  4. Click [Apply] to complete.

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