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Login interface Overview

Login as new or edit existing account assigned to you.  

Your user role permission level determine if you have access certain module.

How do I login into my dashboard management portal?

On PC / Mobile access:

You can login into dashboard management by using the credential issued to your email

after the sign up process. For new user, you are required to set a new password to proceed.

Notes: If you do not have an account credential, please email or call suntoyo helpline to request for a new/additional account. Our support team may require ownership details for verification process.

Mandatory change of account password for the first time.

The system will prompt for password change when a new user account login for the first time. 

We recommend you to set a new password to enhance the account security

Login into dashboard management by filling up the credential and select the 'SIGN IN' button as indicated 

Notes: One account ID can only be logged into one session.

To login using another devices, please sign out from the current session. 

Access restricted

​Some modules require certain permission level to access.

The figure below show you an  example of a restricted area.


Access Restricted.JPG

How can we assist you?

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